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After The Fire

It’s over two weeks now since the fire. It’s the first time I’ve ventured out to try to see the extent of the damage, having attempted it on day three and fled back home at the disturbing sights and smells … Continue reading

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The Story So Far

Want to relocate to Portugal? Don’t know how to do it?  Read a book: Ok, the last book doesn’t really count yet – but we can dream, can’t we?!

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The Illumination of Laughter

And so it was… …that on the Wednesday they did arrive at The Blue Gates Of The House Of The Estrangeiros.  And they did proclaim themselves The Bringers of the Good News. And I did say: “Cool!  Whassat then?!” And … Continue reading

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A Load of Cobblers

In the summer of 2011 sanitation came to the village.  Luckily, having spent a thousand euros or more and as many hours of work building a septic tank only two years before, connection wasn’t compulsory.  (Not yet anyway, they said). … Continue reading

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The Truck

When we emigrated from the UK the truck did us proud.  We travelled through France and all around Spain in the comfort of her homely warmth and unending reliability. She has within her four (bullet-proof?) walls a wood burner, fully … Continue reading

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