CBBH Photo Challenge – Windows

October’s CBBH Photo Challenge already long gone, I personally believe it’s better late than never!  This is one of my lounge windows out onto the street.

I think this photo speaks for itself.  (But only in Portuguese).

I once overheard from upstairs out in the street our little four-year-old neighbour whisper “Mummy, Mummy, the English’s new window looks just like the cash point!”

So I bought this sign for when the render had to be redone after it all cracked up in the heat.  It says: “Cash Point out of Order”

After it was repaired I thought it would be fun to make a cash point for the little girl so I made one out of cardboard covered in tin foil with monopoly money and old supermarket receipts.

I would dash out at some opportunity most days and top it up.  I delighted in her squeals of joy for the ensuing weeks when she would come past and find more money and a receipt in the relevant slots waiting for her.

Trouble is with children, it always gets out of hand, doesn’t it?

After a month or so I started to forget to fill it up and it would go for a week or more without my attention.  After a while I actually witnessed once or twice her mother having to drag a kicking, screaming four-year-old all the way down the street all because there was no money in the cash point!

Eventually father had evidently had to step in and she came to my house one day and produced for me an envelope full of all the monopoly money received to date and explained to me how it is when money is tight and times are hard work-wise and all about the benefits of saving to prepare for these times and requested that she might be able to make a deposit today into her account.

Obviously the reason the money hadn’t been appearing in the cash point of late was because I, as an adult, had already become bored to tears with the game, whereas she, the four-year-old, had not.

After a further couple of weeks of planting her some extremely healthy withdrawals I once again approached our little neighbour one day when their family tractor stopped to let her alight and attend to her now somewhat lucrative financial affairs at the cash point on their way home.

Once I was sure that all family members were content that a good lesson had been learnt and that her personal finances were in good order, I was happy to offer her as her reward the entire cash point and the whole box of money from out the back, to take home and keep.  She was overjoyed.

I was pleased to watch it go off to their house clutched lovingly to her chest as she stood in the link box and it rose up off the ground and the tractor and all the family joggled off down the cobbled street.

I was however a little concerned to watch, as they turned the corner, the tightness of her grasp and the slightly malevolent look in her eye as her big brother held on to her as she was point blank refusing to hold on for herself and risk letting go of her cash point and the money.

And my lesson?  Never underestimate a fierce four-year-old with money-sense.

(Watch and learn, grown-ups.  Watch and learn).

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2 Responses to CBBH Photo Challenge – Windows

  1. Vivienne says:

    You made a little girl very happy and no doubt she will remember what you did when she has children of her own! (Oh, that we grownups could have our own cashpoint which dispensed free money!)

  2. Marianne says:

    What a charming tale – and I´m so glad you shared it. How lovely that you went to so much trouble for the little girl. I´m sure she will always remember you for that.

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