Now THAT’S a Potato Harvest!

Harvest begins 6.30am sharp. Antonio’s already spotted my camera.

MORNING SESSION: Antonio & Ermelinda’s Field (yield: 36 sacks of potatoes each weighing 30-40 kilos); Breakfast; Our field (yield: 18 sacks); two trips on top of trailor full of potatoes to unload as respective houses; eat, drink & be merry at theirs as Ermalina effortlessly magics up a three course meal; go home and sleep it off.

The first run of the first field completed. And Antonio doing wheel spins for the camera not realising the loss of effect in a still.

The Breakfast Trailor: Bread, sardines, cheeses, sausage, fried fishy pastries, olives, salad and beer.

After learning that the photos were to go onto the internet (which he has become acquainted with himself this year) Antonio requests this picture to be posted. It’s what he wanted. (Don’t ask me!)

AFTERNOON SESSION: This was a team of thirteen and tremendous fun, if not extremely hot.  Sadly, I didn’t take my camera!

As ever it was a fun-packed day, filled with laughter, food, alcohol, tractor rides, sweltering physical work – and then you have to carry the sacks of potatoes up at least two flights of stairs!  Back-breaking! I still don’t see how they can get through more than eighteen sacks of potatoes though!

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