My Little Pony

For my 40th birthday I wanted to do something I’ve always wanted to do.

I wanted to go horse riding.

I collect manure from a nearby alternative equestrian centre/holiday retreat run by Leisje and Joao.

Ever envious of the comings and goings of the visitors and riders there and inspired by all that Leisje and Joao have created, I’m always just shoveling poo, steamy and ripe, to take home in the back of the car as quickly as possible without wretching.

For my birthday I wanted it to be me galloping off into the mountains on a great white stallion in the morning mist, like Leisje in the picture.

I too wanted to ride like the wind with my hair flowing behind me.

But alas!

Note the stark contrast in ambience and effect of the two photos here.

An inexperienced rider gets the silly hat and the podgy pony with the short legs.

And it is neither cool nor romantic being led along on a rope.

I felt (and strangely, looked) about eight years old.

With the rest of my birthday money from my family I am taking riding lessons.  I can already stand up with my arms in the air and my eyes shut whilst trotting, to

find balance and oneness with the horse‘.

This doesn’t look that cool either but then it’s a means to an end!

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