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My Little Pony

For my 40th birthday I wanted to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I wanted to go horse riding. I collect manure from a nearby alternative equestrian centre/holiday retreat run by Leisje and Joao. Ever envious of the comings … Continue reading

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Worth Every Minute

THE STORY OF ESTRELA THE DOG How cute the little puppy stray we brought into our home that day For warmth and comfort, food and play, that poorly little puppy stray. But not alone in life was she and brought … Continue reading

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And You Are From?

This spring has seen frosts, flooding, scorching sun and drought over just an eight-week period. The unfortunate ‘early crop’ potato plants have been frozen, rotted, burnt and suffocated all in their short little lives. I look forward with trepidation to … Continue reading

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Egg Sandwich

Self-sufficiency in the kitchen can sometimes become extremely samey. There are only so many ways to serve an egg sandwich at lunch time and pass it off as something more interesting than an egg sandwich. Yeah alright, it’s egg sandwich.  … Continue reading

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My Friend Julie has this new toy.  It’s got some great ‘apps’ on it.  (Or something).  There’s this thing on it where you can take a picture of someone and age it by 30 years. I wanted to experiment to … Continue reading

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The Illumination of Laughter

And so it was… …that on the Wednesday they did arrive at The Blue Gates Of The House Of The Estrangeiros.  And they did proclaim themselves The Bringers of the Good News. And I did say: “Cool!  Whassat then?!” And … Continue reading

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A Load of Cobblers

In the summer of 2011 sanitation came to the village.  Luckily, having spent a thousand euros or more and as many hours of work building a septic tank only two years before, connection wasn’t compulsory.  (Not yet anyway, they said). … Continue reading

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