The Welly



This season's range of stunning rubber footwear

* The all-terrain original thigh-high DUNLOP WELLY BOOT.  The bog standard for wet weather durability.  Keep your feet high and dry in style with the ultimate waterproof winter footwear.

* The WELLY SHOE (in black or green).  The foot-protection of the WELLY BOOT with added freshness feeling around the ankles. A must for this season.  Both colours also provide added ventilation at the sides where they’ve split.

* The STEEL TOE-CAPPED WELLY SHOE.  For the less co-ordinated gardener/builder.  Ideal for use with axe, chainsaw or sledge-hammer.

* The WELLY MULE.  The feminine genre of the Wellington.  Specially designed for easy-on, easy-off convenience at the kitchen door.

*COMING SOON!* The WELLY SANDAL (Man, I can’t wait to make these!).  Ultimate breathability in a Wellington.  Delicately hand-crafted using cutting edge Stanley knife technology.

*Available from all corners of my house and courtyard if you know where to look*.

A big thanks to Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington who popularised this amazing new footwear back in the early 19th century.  I love my wellies, I do.

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