The Truck

When we emigrated from the UK the truck did us proud.  We travelled through France and all around Spain in the comfort of her homely warmth and unending reliability.

She has within her four (bullet-proof?) walls a wood burner, fully fitted kitchen with hot & cold running water, ample storage, four gas hobs, oven, grill, extractor fan, ventillation hatches, comfy bench seats and dining table, shower room, portaloo, double bed, solar power, surround-sound stereo CD player and radio, up-lighting, down-lighting… Luxury beyond belief.

Since settling in Portugal and buying a house the truck stayed with us and has served as a bolt-hole in times of trouble.  It’s where you go if you want to get warm in the winter; it’s where you go if you need comfort; or time out; or somewhere with good lighting to do creative stuff.

It has taken us back to the UK four more times for family visits and brought back all of our worldly possessions.

It has been ‘the shower room’ before we had a bathroom in the house; it has been a spare bedroom for guests.  It has offered summer shade to the chickens who peck about in the garden.  It has been tended with loving care.  Sadly, now it has to be sold.

She has been sat for nearly four years now.  Arrangements were made to release her from where she’d been inadvertently fenced in by the neighbours.  Advice was sought as to whether she could make it out uphill through the soggy, rutted field.  A truck driver, a neighbour, a hugely powerful John Deere tractor, a preliminary service of fluids, electrics, clutch and brakes… all that was possible was provided to ease her into action.

She needed none of this.  She fired up as usual on the first turn of the key and she sailed out of there with the old familiar hum I had grown to love out there on the open road.

She still drives like new.  She turns on a sixpence.

She wants to be out there on the open road again, turning heads, making policemen laugh at her little chimneys.  She’s looking for new owners and it seems to me she’s just raring to go travelling again.

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